throw an easy, chic brunch!

I had a lot of girls message me when I threw our housewarming party saying they were planning on throwing a brunch as well, so I thought this would be the perfect post for those who want some inspo for a quick, chic brunch! I think having a couple of quick bites along with a mimosa bar is everything you need to entertain and keep everyone eating.

I love a cheese board, so I created this brunch board instead! Homemade waffles can easily be made the day before and then reheated - no need do them that morning. I added fruit, nuts, jam, maple syrup (in honey jar) and mini chocolate chips for options. you can also overlap the waffles or set more to the side (what I did). I like this cheeseboard one because it comes with all the serving tools and I love the handles (makes it way easier to move)!

I loooove bacon. If I stopped eating all meat, and only ate bacon, I'd be okay with that. We love that salty, spicy, sweet, million dollar bacon and everyone loved it! You could make this the night before without the maple syrup and spices, but if you can, I would do it that morning.

Take advantage of services like ubereats - or whatever other delivery service will bring you fresh donuts from your favorite local baker! It will be one less thing you have to say up, too!I am o b s e s s e d with The Salty Donut in Wynwood, so the morning of I placed an order for 12 donuts and it literally arrived before the party and all I did was put them on these adorable donut stands. I also linked a donut wall, but I did not use needed to be ghetto rigged, but I love it so I am going to use it for a different party :) If there is no option for you to get them delivered, I suggest getting donuts from Publix the day before (or morning of) they are soo good, too, but the frosting might not look like this!

I cringed at the idea of having glass for the mimosas so I searched for plasticware and found the best recyclable plastic Champagne flutes!

The donut stands and 3 tier serving platter are amazing space savers! I also love how simple and chic they made the food look! The 3 tier serving platter comes in gold or black frame (this is the gold). And not to mention, everything is Amazon Prime, so free 2-day shipping! Talk about last minute done super right!

Everything I used is linked below, but the plastic carafes I used for juices for the mimosas are from Party City - only $3! I recommend taking the trip to purchase those, I looked at so many places for these and Party City had the best price!


Vegetable Frittata - use muffin pan to make individual serving, make night before but don't overcook. when you reheat in the morning, add shredded cheddar cheese on top first to keep from drying out

Million Dollar Bacon - so good with the donuts, make that morning

Homemade Waffles - can be made the night before, add chocolate chips, too

Peach Bellini - great option with mimosa bar since it uses Champagne (or Presseco and peach

Classic Mimosa - I served it with orange, mango (you can try a strawberry-kiwi juice, too) and peach (for Bellini) looking for a good, inexpensive option for your party? At Trader Joe's and Target, they sell a Brut Cava in an all matte black bottle. SO good and only $15 for the bottle. I'll have to get it again to share it to you guys.

Water Dispenser - I always serve water at get togethers so I had a spot for that as well! Add fruit like lemon and orange, or mint with cucumber and strawberries

Decor - Add fresh flowers after you set up to fill in any gaps. Think of the details but keep it functional. Use things you have already around the house to decorate instead of buying new things like candles. and faux plants/flowers. the garland is from target and still available in store right now! check Michael's for eucalyptus as well!

If I could suggest a few items, it would be the 3 tier stand, the donut sign and a bar cart. If you plan and look, you can make the donut stand out of almost anything. Also, the cheeseboard can be done with just about any platter as well. Hope this gets your ideas flowing.

Thanks for reading!







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