pulling off the skirt and sneakers trend

This trendy look has been one of my favorites - and it's still going strong. It may seem so simple and the perfect solution to those pesky heels; a sneaker paired with my dress? PERFECT! Yet, not all sneaker and dress combos are created equally. Mastering the dress/skirt and sneaker look takes a certain sneaker to pull it together! I've rounded up a bunch of sneaker options all under $150 that will be sure to bring your outfit together and have girls ditching their heels for sneakers!

The idea is to pair your outfit with a non-athletic, boxy sneaker. This takes the look down to casual without it looking like your half-way dressed to either go out dancing, or to the gym! It makes a clear statement that your pairing your dressier outfit with a casual sneaker. Here are a bunch of sneakers that will work, depending on your taste and budget.



style tips

+ go for print/pattern - don't be afraid to throw in a print to go with a more basic, white shoe

+ stick with a midi length - knee to calf length looks best with sneakers, but obviously shorter styles will work, too.

+ if you're taller - try a bulkier shoe like these

+ if you're petite - accentuate your legs with a low top when wearing anything knee length or longer

thanks for reading!







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