toddlerhood + room tour

Toddlerhood, the scariest hood I have ever been through, and I live in Miami! It has been a whirlwind of emotions and change; as in every stage. We have started potty training (super cute when he comes to get me when he pee pees) and he still sleeps in his crib all night. He does not try to climb out for naps yet either so it looks like we are going to hold off on transitioning into a big boy bed until he is closer to 2 1/2-3!

SchedulE-ish: 2 years old

7a: I wake up at this time and straighten up and get myself together

7:30a: Jordan usually stirs around at this time

8a: Light breakfast #1 - almond milk and cheerios with fruit

8:30a: Play, books, activity, etc.

9:30: Breakfast

10a: Playground

11:30a: Lunch

12:30p: Nap

2:30p: Wakes up around now. Snack; usually a green smoothie

3p: I cook so I put on tv and give him a spatula/tongs and a pot to distract him. he helps me with what he can help me with, too.

4p: Play, read, activity, or playground again

5p: Eat dinner

6p: Downtime, read, play...etc.

7p: Bathtime

7:30-8p: Bedtime

Since we moved into this new condo back in April, I moved some things around in his room and added some pieces, but overall, things are pretty much the same. I really wanted to do an accent wall behind his crib with wallpaper, but since we are moving out in April, I think I'll wait until his big boy room for any major projects like that!

For now, here are some photos for Inspiration of his current nursery in our condo. We have large floor to ceiling windows with lots of natural light. I have no issues with Jordan napping so we don't have black out curtains. I kept everything light with natural elements. I love how the pops of color from his toys and books give some interest to the other black and white elements in his room.

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