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Hello! Happy Friday! One thing that is definitely not cancelled is your skincare/beauty regimen. This can be a daily routine, self-care time, whatever it should feel good about what you're using and putting onto your skin! I wanted to share some recent and old beauty favorites of mine that I switched to, that I think you will love too!

Before I got pregnant with Jordan, it wasn't my main priority to pay attention to the ingredients in my skincare products, let alone make sure they're considered clean and safe. Besides the occasional pizza, I was pretty conscious of what I was putting into my body, so why not do the same with what goes ON my body.

Once I became pregnant, I was very aware of the beauty products I was putting onto my skin, since they could potential end up in baby boy, I was very passionate about it. After I gave birth, I thought, why stop now? Why go back purchasing these items just because they aren't a threat to baby anymore? It really changed my perspective on my skincare/beauty routine.

Summer Fridays:

Amino Gel Cleanser- I never used to use a face wash because they all made me breakout, made my skin feel tight, or too dry. I found the best thing that worked for me was this clean makeup remover, and warm water. I never had a go-to face wash I loved until this one. I use two pumps and it gets rid of ALL my makeup (mind you, I don't wear eyeliner or a ton of makeup). It lathers up nice and I love how gentle and light it is. Quality is worth it when it comes to your skin, and the ingredients are natural and beneficial

Jet Lag Mask-

This was the first Summer Friday product I tried, and if you're an OG follower, then you've heard me talk non-stop about this cream. It can be used a few ways. Under your eyes (don't rinse). As a mask that you put on, then rinse off. As an everyday moisturizer beneath your make-up and under your eyes (don't rise - this is how I use it) and I also use it as a cuticle cream - I personally have really dry cuticles. But, I LOVE it. Serious hydration boost

CC Serum-

After you wash your face, apply the CC Serum. This serum is amazing for hyperpigmentation and dark spots! I use it on my cheeks, forehead, chin and on the back of my hands! Apply Jet Lag Mask after this serum

R+R Mask-

This mask has the b e s t texture, and smells so amazing, like roses, of course. I only use it once a week and you don't need a lot. Rub the excess oils into your skin once you rinse it off with a washcloth

Sally Hansen:

Vegan Nail Polish-

This is the biggest thing right now, and I am so happy to see more companies switching over. I have the Almond Tan (about to rip open the box with my nail things to get it lol) and I love it! The scent is more mild, the ingredients are much better, and I love the color selections. I bought the Almond Tan on Amazon

Majestic Pure:

Tee Tree Oil Soy Nail Polish Remover-

I never knew this kind of thing existed until I started using the Sally Hansen Nail polish; I thought, why stop at the polish? The acetone remover is so bad for us as well! Depending on what color/kind of polish you put on, is how well it will be removed. I just use tan or light colors so this works well for me. If you like darker colors, it'll require more. I love it and I definitely recommend the switch!


Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse-

I've been using this company for a few years now, and my favorite product so far has been their Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse! It's nourishes the scalp without stripping away natural oils, helped with mild dandruff I was battling with, and makes my hair noticeably softer and shinier! It You really have to apply it all over and use enough water to get a lather

Biotin Thickening Conditioner-

I have don't have extremely thin hair, but it's definitely not that thick anymore either. During my pregnancy it became super thick again, and after shedding that baby hair after Jordan was born, I noticed it thinning again. I use this biotin conditioner after using the rinse, and between the two, my hair has never looked and felt healthier


Deodorant- I switched over to Native almost a year ago and I will never go back to my old deodorant. To be honest, Secret deodorant wasn't even working for me anyways, so I was more than happy to try a more natural alternative. I am so happy with this product. It definitely works for me and the scents are perfect. I personally love the vanilla, but there are others as well. It's a little more pricey, but when it comes to what you're putting onto your skin, it's worth it






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