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rice at our wedding

My husband and I have been together for 11 years now and we have embarked on so many adventures together. From dancing the night away under the stars in Vegas, to zip lining the highest zip line in the country in New York, we have checked a few things off our bucket list. Our wedding was one of the most memorable moments of 2016. We got married on April 22 at Villa Woodbine in Miami, FL. It is a historic mansion and it has this al fresco, vintage feeling. I absolutely fell in love the moment I saw it. It was a small, intimate wedding of only 55 people. We had an amazing dinner and drank champagne under the stars in a garden setting. It was absolutely perfect and everything I imagined it to be. Finding out I was pregnant in the fall of 2016 will be our biggest adventure yet. Starting this blog meant a lot to me. I wanted to share my passion for photography and a glimpse of beauty, style and lifestyle. I've always wanted to do this but it just took me a little longer than I wanted to share it. Posting to my Instagram account like I would a blog landed me my dream job. I was discovered through my pictures and got offered to work for an advertising company and help their director of social media with aesthetically appealing content. I never knew that taking photos and sharing them on Instagram would open up so many opportunities. I hope you all enjoy following along on my journey. I chose 'Rice at My Wedding" as our website name since rice was traditionally tossed at weddings for good fortune before it was frowned upon, and Dave's last name is Rice :)

Our Wedding was featured in MODwedding.com in 2017

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