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Checklist: What's in my Hospital Bag

I'm at the final stretch and it is so surreal! I can't believe we'll be meeting our little babe soon. This is my first pregnancy so I really wasn't sure on what to pack since I have NO idea what to expect during labor and after delivery. I did a lot of reading and asked some moms on what they packed in their hospital bags until I came up with a final list on what I think I'd want to have with me. Luckily, we live really close to the hospital...I'm talking less than 10 minutes and that's if we hit every red light, so if we need anything I can send a family member to get it. Everyone's different, every labor and delivery is different and every hospital is different so there may be personal items that you want/need to have that I didn't mention or I might list something that you'd want to have that you didn't think of before. Whatever it is, it should be a personal preference for you and your new bundle!

I will do a follow-up post with items that I loved having with me/I could of left home/I should of brought...when I get the time of course! Good thing I'll have Grandma with me for a few weeks to help out :)

*The list is for 2-4 days:

For Myself


Robe: I want to make sure I have lots of skin-to-skin time with baby after delivery so I have a feeling I will be living in a robe. I opted for a less expensive one just in case it gets ruined (chances are likely). This one from Target is a good price, not too thick or thin, SUPER soft and has pockets! Love me some pockets! I chose baby blue for baby boy and also just in case I end up having pictures taken, it's appropriate for the gender in the pictures.

Nursing Bra: I had no idea what size to get seeing as I don't know how big my boobs will get or when my milk will come in. To start, I kept the cup size I am now but went up one size in the band. I tried the nursing bra on when I got home and it is slightly larger than my boobs are now so I think it will be okay until they become engorged. I only bought one until I know what size I really do need. Also, it was on sale in-store. :)

Nursing Tank: I wanted to have something normal (instead of a robe) for when visitors come. I found this one on sale in my Target store. I went with a size that fits me now.

2 Pairs of Pj's: I went with a loose nighdress and also a two-piece set that is a button down for easy access for breastfeeding. Basically, I avoided anything that was tight or had a high neckline.

2 Loose Tank Tops: These tanks are so soft, stretchy, and have a wider strap so I can wear my nursing bra with it for when guests come (I don't like showing my bra strap). I also like that I can sleep in them too (for naps or overnight). I found them on sale in-store also. I also packed a pair of cotton pj shorts that fit me now to wear during the day.

Shower Flip Flops: I already had these cheap sandals from Old Navy.

Slippers: For walking around the hospital

Granny panties: That's right, I said it. I'm sure you know this already but absolutely no thongs and nothing that doesn't fit you now. I packed 8 pairs but I honestly don't know how many I'll need.

Going home outfit: Most people wear loose leggings or sweatpants and a shirt for going home but it's summer in South Florida so I chose a light swing dress to wear home (it fits me now).

Weekender: There is also a smaller size of my same weekender. [Lacie Weekender pictured below]


Lip Balm: I love lip balm anyway but I read in a lot of blog posts and even on my hospitals website to make sure you bring it. Huffing and puffing dries you out.

Bag of toiletries for bathroom: *all travel size* shampoo + conditioner, hairspray (I have crazy baby hairs), toothbrush + toothpaste, deodorant, brush, shower cap, pads (hospital provides them but I want my own as well)

Rose Hibiscus Hydrating Face Mist: This face spray is made with coconut water and has witch hazel so it doesn't only hydrate my skin but reduces inflammation and puffiness around eyes. This is a personal preference to have. They also sell this in Sephora stores but only in 4oz. [pictured below]

Tula Travel Kit: Because lots of sweating will occur. I use this line every day so I might as well bring it with me to wash my face with and I love that it's travel size. [pictured below]

Nursing Bra Pads: Leakage isn't cute.

Nipple Cream: To protect against sore, cracked nipples.


Drivers License, Insurance Card and Pediatrician Information

Nursing Pillow

Eye Mask and Earplugs: I packed this for both my husband and I (yes, he will be wearing one of my eye masks lol) Hospitals are noisy and there is always some kind of light on. This will probably be more for while I am in labor cause I won't want to plug my ears once baby arrives.

Journal to start tracking feedings and wet diapers: I'm sure baby brain kicks in immediately so I want to write it down if I can.

Extra long phone charger: I won't want to reach or lean over

Laptop and earphones: Movies and music for hubby

Extra bag: I am packing a green bag that we use for groceries to bring home any items that we get from the hospital or from people who come to visit.

Canon Camera: I want to capture all the photos!

Water & snacks also some money for vending machine

Towel (Leaving in car)

Pillows (Leaving in car)

For Baby

Muslin Swaddle Blankets: It is super hot down here so I chose to bring swaddles that are also receiving blankets.

Mittens: I don't want him to scratch his little face!

Car Seat

Two different sized onesies: I did NB and 0-3 because I don't know how big he'll be. He could be over 8lbs!

Two different sized long sleeve zip-up sleepers

Going home outfit: Two different sized outifts

2 Hats


For Dad

Travel size toiletry kit


Shower Flip Flops




Thick Socks

Bathing suit: Just in case he gets in the shower with me during the labor process and someone needs to come in...he wont be butt naked.

Going home outfit

Things I Left Out:

I purposely left out a pacifier. I want to establish breastfeeding before we introduce a pacifier (if we even do). I also left out a birth plan. If you plan on using a paci right away and have a birth plan, make sure to pack those!

* Feel free to comment on my homepage or contact me through DM on IG with any items you loved having with you that I didn't mention! I love suggestions and I am a rookie! :)

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