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Jordan's Birth & First Week

I wanted to do a re-cap from my previous post on what I used while in the hospital and a little on my experience. I'm going to mention products assuming my readers read my previous post (What's in my Hospital Bag) so if you're not sure, refer back to that one.

Things I used/didn't use:


From the time my water broke until the time I delivered was only 4 hrs. so I didn't have a lot of time to worry about things to entertain me while I was in labor. There was also a lot going on between visitors from family and from nurses. I had a really smooth labor/delivery process which was awesome. I did get an epidural (so worth it) so I was relaxed for the majority of the time. The only thing I really used was lip balm and ate ice chips.

After Delivery:

Since I had a smooth delivery and Jordan was healthy, I was only required to stay for 48hrs. From the moment he was placed on my chest, he breastfed. I never used my nursing pillow and I actually still don't until this day. I find it to get more in the way. I am SURE when he is a little bigger and heavier I'll use it but for now...I could of done without. The hospital provided me with pads and underwear for immediately after. There was NO WAY I could of used my own at first. I did the second day though so it was good to have both of those. I had a lot of visitors and there was always someone in the room so I was glad that I had my robe, nursing tanks, nursing bras, and my own pjs that I could breastfeed in. I also used all my toiletries, my shower sandals, house slippers, as well as the Rose Face Mist to hydrate without having to get up to wash my face. I also used the nipple cream...a lot...I highly recommend having that next to you with water and something to eat. We packed tons of snacks and our own waters which came in handy as well. My husband stayed with me the entire time so he would always run out and grab food for us, or we would have visitors come and bring us food.


The hospital provided Jordan with blankets to swaddle, pampers and wipes. We brought all his clothes, hats and socks and we brought just enough for two days. Note: You can never have too many pairs of baby clothes! We brought our own blanket for him to wrap him in when we were leaving the hospital because they told us we couldn't bring one from the hospital, but we took one anyway for a keepsake ;)

His First Week:

Taking him home was the best feeling ever. My mom came the day before he was born and stayed in our house. She cooked, cleaned, and helped us get settled in when we got home that night. My husband's mother also brought over food for us to have. The first night we were all adjusting so it was all trial and error. We originally had a Pack n' Play for him to sleep in, but he HATED it! Needless to say, we took turns that night holding him while the other slept. The next day, my Mom and I went to Babies R' Us and bought a HALO BASSINEST. Best. Idea. EVER! He slept for 2 hours at a time the first night and it only got better with the days following. We have a two-story house so we set up a changing table station downstairs as well as upstairs in our room. He isn't using his nursery at all yet so we are just using areas that we are in the most for right now like our room and living room. If we had a one-story, I'm sure that would be different. Right now, he feeds every three hours and sleeps in-between. He has been really good about entertaining himself while awake which is a nice break for my husband and I. He poops and pees A LOT! lol We bought peepee teepees which I recommend for boys, unless you want to get peed on. Never assume they will pee just once either, he's peed on us three different times in one diaper change session! For his baths, we use a Blooming Baby Bath that you can find at Target or Babies R' Us that fits in the sink. Have everything you need (two hooded towels: just in case he poops or pees when you're drying them) wash cloth, and baby shampoo and body wash next to you. Also, we make sure our diaper changing stations are always stocked with diapers, wipes, disposal changing pads (SOO NECESSARY we use Munchkin Arm & Hammer Disposable Changing Pads), extra onesies, burp cloth, peepee teepee and hand sanitizer. We also make sure we have extra swaddles (HALO SLEEPSACK SWADDLE) and footed sleepers upstairs in our room for nighttime.

Our room with Halo Bassinest. Love how it swivels over the bed and makes it really easy to get him in and out of because the front of it "collapses". This model has a nightlight, white noise, breastfeeding timer, vibrates and has storage pockets.

Thanks for reading!

xo, Lauren

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