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Jordan's Nursery and First Six Months

Motherhood. The hardest and most rewarding job you can ever have. You really don’t know what it will be like until you meet your little babe and learn who they are. It’s a guessing game, trial and error, a learning process, hard, exciting, and scary all bundled up into one amazing ride.


So, whoever said, “sleep like a baby”, never had a baby. I mentioned in my previous update post that Jordan slept in a HALO Bassinest until 2 months. We transitioned him into his crib at that point. We did it cold turkey and he slept the best and longest he had ever slept. He woke twice a night to feed still at this point but would always go right back down. Until Jordan was about 3.5 months old, he slept pretty good. He was swaddled, I nursed him to sleep, and he did 8 hr stretches by 3 months on his own. He woke up once a night at 3 months and went down without a fuss. Naps on the other hand were everywhere. He napped in his Rock n’ Play, our bed, on me, in the car, in the stroller, or swaddled in his Moses Basket. At 3.5 months we decided to sleep shape. I always had a consistent bedtime routine for him, but now I was going to break the sleep association with eating, and allow him to figure out how to fall asleep on his own. By a little over 4 months, he dropped his night feeding and was sleeping on his own without a fuss from 7:30p-7:30a.

I have a stage 5 clinger so naps were tricky. It took 2-3 weeks for him to take all his naps in his crib. I time his awake time and I look for sleepy signs for naps. He is usually awake for 2-2.5 hours before he needs a nap. For now. Lately, I've noticed that if his first two naps are long, he'll only need 2 and can make a good 4 hour stretch until bed after his second nap. If not, that third nap is necessary!


The first 3 months Jordan hit all his monthly milestones on his check-list when we would go for his appointments. He gained his weight back quickly and has always been a little ahead until he hit 4 months. At that point he slowed down in weight. Chunky. He smiled socially by 3 months.

At 4 months he learned to roll from back to tummy, tried carrots.

At 5 months he learned to flip tummy to back, could sit-up unassisted, starting sleeping on his tummy, his two bottom teeth starting coming in, said “dada”, got sick for the first time with the flu, started showing he recognizes places and activities, turned into a professional grabber.


Jordan is breastfed and always has. He latched immediately and never had an issue. It was very painful for the first month or so and I got mastitis twice. I wanted to give up but I’m so glad I didn’t!


We follow an eat/play/sleep routine. I had him on such a bad schedule at first with feeding him to sleep. Once I started doing this it changed everything. He wakes in the morning, eats, we play, and then he goes down for a nap. We follow this schedule until bed. Of course, he’s not a robot and our days aren’t always the same but I generally follow this schedule posted below. I posted his 5 month schedule and his new 6 month schedule because like I mentioned above, he's starting to transition to 2 naps a day so his times are a little different now. Times vary about 30 minutes. I added a little of my routine in there also. I usually get ready while he’s taking his first nap.

Let me know if you have any further questions or comments! I'd be glad to go into detail about anything specific!