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Nine Months Out and Nursery Update

Since my last blog post about Jordan for his six months, he has changed SO much. Like, I officially have a mini adult you guys! It really doesn't seem like things are moving along quickly in the moment until you look back.

MILESTONES: Jordan started to scoot like he wanted to crawl starting around 6 months but he was one of those babies that didn't like tummy time so I had a feeling it was going to be awhile...or just skip in entirely. Well, right before he hit seven months, he turned into a professional crawler! It happens so fast once they take that first leap! He just started to pull himself up and he loves to put toys in baskets and take them out again! It's so cute to see him start to discover and explore and he always checks back to see if I am watching. It melts my heart!

FOOD: Jordan loves to eat! We started BLW (Baby Led Weaning for those that want to look it up) and we both enjoy it and Jordan is doing really well with it. He is so funny when he feeds himself and still hasn't mastered his pincer grasp yet, so palmar grasp it is still! We feed Jordan pretty much anything that we are eating so it makes meal times extremely easy! Dave and I cook our meals and eat pretty healthy usually so this also makes it easier to give Jordan food from our plates. If you would like some more information on what our meal plan looks like, let me know through here or IG! He also drinks water out of a sippy cup 1-2 times a day at either lunch or dinner!

NURSING: Since breast milk is his primary food source, we breastfeed on demand still. We still have set nursing times but he lets me know when he wants to nurse as well. I love our breastfeeding journey together and will be so sad when it is over. He loves it as well even though he acts like he a million other things to do while eating! haha, my mini adult!

SLEEP: Jordan is still taking two naps a day and his bedtime is around 7-7:30 and we start our day between 7-7:30. Our bedtime is dinner and nursing, a walk or playtime, then we do books, bath, then bed. If dinner is extremely messy then I go straight to bath but to be honest, Jordan is a pretty clean eater and I don't give him a ton of food at a a time which really limits the mess!

9 Month Schedule

7-7:30- Wake/Nurse

8- Play/I make coffee and start breakfast

8:30- solids for Jordan and I eat

9- Independent Activity for him and I clean usually

10- First nap of the day

12- Wake/Nurse

1- Play/lunch and solids for Jordan

1:30- Outside or Errands

2- Snack (for both) haha

3- Second nap of the day

4:30- Wake/Nurse

5-Play/I make dinner

5:30- Dinner for Jordan

6- Nurse/Books


*Times vary about 30 min. of course and I nurse on demand, but these are always set times we nurse. Always after he wakes up! eat/play/sleep routine

I recently changed his room a little so I wanted to update that as well! I linked details below or comment below if you want more info on anything! Thanks for reading!