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How I lost the baby weight + staying fit

Since having Jordan, I have found myself busier than ever. The role of a mother is never-ending. We take on so many responsibilities that finding time to take care of ourselves can almost seem impossible. Between mothering Jordan, giving my time to my husband, maintaining the house, cooking then cleaning, emails, setting aside time to work on my blog/brand, and making sure I visit with family and friends, well, there's very little time to make sure that MY OWN well-being is taken care of. Let's face it, if mama isn't ok, then how can I be the best version of myself for my family? How we view ourselves really affects how we treat other people, so it is important that you take the time to make sure you are happy with who you are and what choices you are making in your life. Losing my baby weight was a combination of a couple different things, genetics probably being the biggest to be honest!

There is a huge misconception that eating healthy means you are "dieting". Trust me, I enjoy cakes, cookies and pizza just as much as fresh leafy greens and fruit. But honestly, it is all about balance. Portion control is key and I definitely don't have cake and fast food every day. I believe cooking your meals is the single most important factor in maintaing a healthy lifestyle (or cheapest). Access to healthy options needs to be the next alternative if you didn’t/couldn’t cook your meal. If you take one or two days out of the week to meal prep and go grocery shopping, then you can really set yourself up for success if you just take the time to cook. Here are a couple ways I was able to lose the baby weight so quickly:

Breastfeeding. Yes, I still breastfeed Jordan! WOOP WOOP! It is not so much breastfeeding itself that burns calories, but the making of the milk. It takes about 20 calories to make one ounce of milk, so on average, you can burn anywhere from 300-600 calories a day depending on how much milk babe is drinking. I have to increase my daily intake by almost 500 calories to compensate for feeding Jordan! Cue the hanger! lol But ya, major calorie burner right there!

Genetics! Honestly, if you know me, you know that I have been petite my entire life. Does that mean I don't eat? No. It means that this is just who I am.

Eating right. I am a strong believer of everything in moderation. If you eat healthy the majority of the time, then there is nothing wrong with having that piece of cake or chick-fil-a burger! Chick-fil-a is honestly my weak point, am I right? That is, if you're not concerned about your health. Also, weight has nothing to do with health! It really is all about how you feel about yourself. Are you dealing with any health issues? This is when your diet needs to be reevaluated. Are you getting out and moving enough? Happy with who you are? That is all that matters. Not what everyone else looks like! Just don't find yourself always eating fast food!

Drink WATER, not soda! 'DIET' is NOT better for you! I just limit my sugar intake! Less juice, tea, and sugar in my coffee, basically. I just make sure that water is my main beverage and all the other stuff is a "treat".

Staying fit. I have included some of my favorite workouts for staying tone because let's face it, being thin doesn't mean you are healthy either! I am getting older, my skin is going to lose its elasticity regardless of weight! I think taking half an hour every day to move in some kind of way is so necessary. I also do a lot of yard work so that is a great workout and I am getting chores done!

These are NOT my pictures btw...all pins from Pinterest :) Also, no putdowns on recipes and deciding whether they are "healthy" or not. I am just sharing recipes that I have made and enjoyed. Judge-free zone, please.







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