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Fool proof latte art with printable stencils

Where my coffee fans at 🙋 I love a cup of coffee in the morning, or anytime of day, really. I personally enjoy a latte with a ton of foamed milk! Froth is my favorite! I like my espresso strong and sweet and I always prefer half and half over just milk. I have yet to like almond milk in my coffee...it’s just not the same people.

If you’re into latte art, then this is a cute way to get the same idea without figuring out how to master the skill. I’ve tried so many times and looked on YouTube but I just couldn’t get it right!

The print out I have attached includes a couple of different designs and all you need is an x-acto knife, a coffee maker that allows to froth milk (or half and half) and cinnamon. Cinnamon has a ton of health benefits and I personally love it in my coffee so this is perfect for making the latte art! You can find an x-acto knife almost anywhere. I just so happen to have one already since I have a ton of craft items here but you can find one at Walmart or any supply store! I have also included the coffee maker we have that I use almost every morning to make lattes or espresso that is a great price!


Fool Proof Latte Art Stencils

(free printable)


1. Download and print stencils out on regular white printer paper

2. Carefully use the x-acto knife to cut individual design you want to use within the circle. For example, the heart (pictured above). Cut the design in the center of the circle before cutting the circle itself out. It makes it easier to cut the design out if it's still attached to the paper

4. Make your espresso and foamed milk (or whatever you use) and make sure there is a good layer of froth for this. I use this espresso maker with frother and I LOVE it for the price. I buy this espresso from Target, but you can use any ground espresso you like

5. Place the stencil on your froth and push down slighlty so it's even

6. Carefully tap cinnamon over your cut-out design, making sure to cover it completely with cinnamon to get the full look (I promise it won't be too much cinnamon if it is a full latte

7. That's it! Carefully use two hands and take the stencil off...lift it straight up and off

The words are a little more difficult than the heart and hashtag but they are all so cute and so simple. Not to mention, YUMMY!



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