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Dupe vs Designer

When investing in accessories or shoes, I always ask myself what it is about the item that makes it worth splurging on. Quality, functionality and resale value are some things I think about when splurging on accessories. But with some items, a well-made look-alike is a pretty awesome find in my opinion. Here are designer pieces that I am loving and their dupes!

cult gaia bamboo Ark bag- I have a Cult Gaia small ark bag and I love it! This dupe is also made from 100% bamboo and looks exactly alike! I think this is a great option and looks so cute with everything during summer!

Gucci Belt- This gucci replica belt looks exactly alike the $450 real-deal. Of course the material does not compare, but honestly, the functionality is the same and it looks so much alike!

Gucci Bag - I am a huge bag gal. I think I'd rather have bags than shoes! Now with this replica, there is one big giveaway : The CG, but honestly, it's pretty spot on. The material isn't as good of course either, therefore, won't last as long. In my opinion, I think designer bags are a great investment piece. They last forever, the resale value is always high when you stick with a classic, and you can wear it every day! WIN, WIN, WIN!

Golden Goose Sneakers- So if you have IG and follow some fashion bloggers, then you might have seen these Golden Goose sneakers. I found a great dupe for these scuffed up cuties for only $30, which are more reasonable for purchasing a shoe that comes looking like it's been worn for years already. Don't wear them with ripped denim or else your family is really going to have something to talk about during those get togethers!

Hope this post gives you some ideas and happy shopping!

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