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Self Care

Hello! Is it just me or did February go by so fast?! It can be easy to lose track of time and feel so overwhelmed by a million things you need to do. With that being said, taking care of yourself can be put of the back burner. I have made more of an effort recently to take time for myself. not necessarily for the physical aspect, but more importantly, the mental.

Whether it be taking a bath with a good book, exercising, starting a new hobby, finishing a project you started, painting your nails, or even just a face mask, taking some time for yourself every day can really recharge your mind and promote healthy thoughts!

My favorite thing to do to unwind is take a hot bath! I love a good bubble bath and a good book to de-stress. I use fragrance free Mr. Bubble bubble bath and I love this bathtub caddy to hold my book and sometimes a glass of wine ;)

You can't be the best version of yourself if you are stressed, so make time for yourself a priority. Everything else can wait.

I shared a couple products I use when I want to pamper myself, and I use the jet lag mask a few times a week for my tired-looking mama skin! ;)



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