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The Designer Sale You Need To Check Out

If you have been eyeing a, or another, designer bag, but don't want to pull the trigger on a full-priced price tag, now may be the moment you've been waiting for! You all know I love a good dupe, but ladies, let's be honest, the quality does not compare and if you are in your means to do so, it's worth it!

I wear my Golden Goose sneakers almost every day because they are my most comfortable shoe in my closet. They go with so many outfits, they're trendy, simple, comfortable. I love them.

I always think of my designer pieces as investments. Resale value in designer pieces are always high, and if you choose wisely, they won't go out of style.

I have rounded up my favorite designer bags and shoes that are on sale right now for a GREAT deal! These items are on trend and will definitely add that pep in your step to all your outfits!

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Saint Laurent





Golden Goose

I hope this guide was helpful for you, especially if you're on the hunt for a pair of Golden Goose sneakers or a designer bag. These are just a few of my top faves, but I am sure you will stumble across way more on their site! Thanks for reading & happy browsing!

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