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California Dreamin'

It's been less than two weeks and I am already California dreamin! You can definitely say we had our heads in the clouds while we were there (now I know where that saying comes from)! I was scared for my life a couple times driving around in the hills of Malibu, but the Range Rover that we rented made it (a little) less scary! I am definitely not used to being up that high since I am from Florida!

Here is a roundup of what I wore while we stayed there and some of the places we visited & dined at!

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beige 21' suitcase, backpack, travel wallet//leggings (xs reg - on sale for $64.90)


Las Vegas STRIP

dress - tts//heels - size up .5


dress - tts//shoes - size up .5//shade lady danger//ysl pouch


Montage HOTEL - Beverly Hills

swimsuit - size up one//sandals - tts


Malibu, CA