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My Sephora Picks

Hi you guys! Hope you're having a great week so far. This is not my usual post but every now and then when I find beauty products I really like, then I want to share them with you too, especially when they're available for a discount during Sephora's Summer Bonus Event! These products that I use are in no way sponsored, I just really liked these and have been using them for a few months now! I am a VIB member at Sephora so I am taking advantage and grabbing a new lipstick that I tried as a sample and LOVED. (linked it below for you)

primer - can be used to retouch makeup later in the day as well. dries quickly and leave my skin so soft

tinted moisturizer - has spf as well! - oil free. I have been using this brand for years! I get color: nude

under eye concealer - great for covering dark circles. a little goes a long way!

blush - I only use a little on the top of my apples and I actually put a touch on the bridge of my nose for a sun-kissed look. this one is very pink! color: orgasm

eyeshadow - love this palette and small enough to travel! every color you'll need day/night

mascara - best mascara I've used! didn't come off at the water park, does't clump, very light coverage but lengthens

setting powder - I use two. the first one I use all over my's a loose translucent powder and it's more of a matte finish. good for humid places I feel like. the second one I only use to set my under eye makeup - has a tint to it so I don't like it for all over my face

brush - pricey but so good. does everything I need it do so I only use one brush. it acts almost like a sponge and brush! super soft and blends makeup so well

lip gloss - tingles but I love it. definitely plumps. I like the color: hot toddy

lipstick (in my cart) - new favorite shade. I tried it as a sample I received and loved it! it goes well on so many skin tones, too! color: pillow talk

t3 hair dryer - I've tried a lot of blow dryers and this one is my favorite (for the price range) this line has amazing styling tools, and I would definitely recommend it

t3 styling wand - I like the styling wand as opposed to the curling iron because I feel like it doesn't leave that crease! I only use setting 3 (goes to 5) because it gets that hot, and it is the 1" barrel for undone waves

thanks for reading!

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