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Four Jackets You'll Use Every Fall

Hello you guys, happy Tuesday. We are planning a trip up north next month so I have started making a list of some items I want to bring with me! Since it does not get nearly as cold in South Florida for fall as where we are going, I don't get a chance to wear my jackets as often as I'd like. One thing I have noticed though is when I do need to put on another layer, I find myself rotating the same jackets every year. Some things just never go out of style, and to me, these pieces are items in my closet that I would consider investing in because one, sometimes you can't get away with cutting cost when it comes to quality, and two, you're going to have these pieces for years; you might as well pick pieces that fit well and will hold up year after year.​

An olive utility jacket is one of the most versatile jackets and the ones I linked below will help you recreate this look and so many others. The olive color is what makes it so versatile to me because you can pair it with other items that you would most likely consider a neutral as well like black, brown or leopard, without trying to look too matchy-matchy.

A leather jacket is a closet staple and every girl should have one in her closet. It's one of the easiest pieces to instantly add a glam factor to your outfit. You can easily dress a leather jacket up or down, add that edgy element, or simply just drape over your shoulders, and it''ll really step up your outfit game! The ones below are all faux and a reasonable price. Of course, the higher the price, usually means better quality, but when it comes to faux, you shouldn't be paying too much on a leather jacket unless it's ACTUALLY leather.