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not your beis-ic luggage set

I am one of those people that has to start packing weeks (like two weeks) in advance because if not, I am overpacking and then once I get to my destination, I feel like I packed all wrong. I like to try on my outfits, write them down (yes, with a pen and paper) and take pictures of what they look like on. Blogger problems, you guys. But honestly, this way makes it so much easier to stay organized and know what I am wearing once I arrive instead of wasting time trying to figure it out.

Carryon - this 21" suitcase is functional and stylish. It comes in black or beige (pictured) and also has a matching larger suitcase. I love the sleek design and built in features that it has like the weight detector and padded grip handle and strap to haul other luggage or items.

Backpack - This backpack is my bff when I need extra space. It has so many different compartments so I am able to store everything in its own place. Keeping It organized instead of just throwing everything into a duffle bag. Plus, it has a strap to attach it to your suitcase. Win. I use it for my laptop, my jacket, toiletries, brush, purses, water, snacks, chargers...ya.

Cosmetic Case- I love this clear essentials case to use for creams, deodorant, perfume, travel toothbrush and I use the other side for my everyday makeup.

Packing Cubes - These really are great space savers and make everything so much easier to find. I love the ones from this company because they also come with little labels with different sayings so you can really customize it how you want it. I have seen other packing cubes available but this set comes with so many different types of bags!

travel BEAUTY Products I uSE:

Summer Fridays This is basically my go-to cream (can you tell lol) that is multi-use. I use it as an all over moisturizer underneath my makeup. I let it dry first before applying makeup. When I travel, I use it on my face, lips, hands, and neck when we first take off so I don't get dry during the flight. I apply some makeup right before we land usually.

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer I have been using this brand for years now and really love it. It has SPF 20 in it so it's great for travel. I use the oil free kind in shade 'Nude'.

Tula Brightening Eye Balm I just recently starting using this and I really like the subtle glow it gives under my eyes. It is small enough to travel with and can be applied right over your makeup when you're feeling like you need a fix during the day.

Native Deodorant I will not go back to my old deodorant. I persoanlly love this brand for an all natural deodorant. It does sting a little if you apply right after shaving so keep that in mind. Other than that, it works great and smells great, too!

Hope this helps if you're looking to invest in a new set of luggage! I think that the backpack and carryon is good for a week but I would probably do the larger size luggage if I was going any longer. Also, make sure you check with your airline for size guidelines. I also really like their weekender. Most of their luggage just comes in black or beige but I see they recently came out with some different color options for certain items!