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not your beis-ic luggage set


I am one of those people that has to start packing weeks (like two weeks) in advance because if not, I am overpacking and then once I get to my destination, I feel like I packed all wrong. I like to try on my outfits, write them down (yes, with a pen and paper) and take pictures of what they look like on. Blogger problems, you guys. But honestly, this way makes it so much easier to stay organized and know what I am wearing once I arrive instead of wasting time trying to figure it out.

Carryon - this 21" suitcase is functional and stylish. It comes in black or beige (pictured) and also has a matching larger suitcase. I love the sleek design and built in features that it has like the weight detector and padded grip handle and strap to haul other luggage or items.

Backpack - This backpack is my bff when I need extra space. It has so many different compartments so I am able to store everything in its own place. Keeping It organized instead of just throwing everything into a duffle bag. Plus, it has a strap to attach it to your suitcase. Win. I use it for my laptop, my jacket, toiletries, brush, purses, water, snacks, chargers...ya.

Cosmetic Case- I love this clear essentials case to use for creams, deodorant, perfume, travel toothbrush and I use the other side for my everyday makeup.

Packing Cubes - These really are great space savers and make everything so much easier to find. I love the ones from this company because they also come with little labels with different sayings so you can really customize it how you want it. I have seen other packing cubes available but this set comes with so many different types of bags!