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It's that time of year again! The Sephora Holiday Savings Event is here! Rouge Member save 20% until 11/9, VIB Members save 15% starting 11/3-11/9, and Insider Members save 10% starting 11/5-11/9 with code HOLIDAYFUN at checkout!

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I love trying new products but the struggle of buying new beauty products just to try them can be expensive and overwhelming! I've never been one to collect too many products, I keep it pretty simple, but when I try something I feel works and I really like, then I want to share it with you guys! I love being a good resource, so I make sure I try things for a little while before sharing it. These have been my tried and true, and items I feel you guys will love, too!

My top picks from Sephora:

1. Charlotte Tilbury lipstick 'Pillow Talk' - Honestly my favorite lipstick/shade and looks great on so many skin tones. heard it is rated the most popular lipstick!

2. Summer Fridays 'Jet Lag' Mask and 'R+R Mask' - The Jet Lag mask is an everyday mask that is multi purpose. It can be used as an eye mask, all over moisturizer...can be worn under your makeup or apply a thin layer throughout the day on top of makeup. It leaves your skin refreshed, bright and smooth. I have so many good things to say about it. The R+R Mask smells like a bottle of roses. Apply a thin layer and rinse off. Your face will be so soft and smell great! It's like a spa treatment every time

3. Charlotte Tilbury Setting Powder in 'Light' - I love this setting powder because it works well! Makes a huge difference in my makeup routine and doesn't crease. I like the lighter shade for under my eyes better than the medium.

4. T3 Hair Dryer - Worth. Every. Penny. All their products are amazing quality and worth the hype.

5. Necessaire Body Lotion - I have really sensitive skin, but this lotion doesn't irritate it. It absorbs soo quickly and doesn't feel greasy

6. Jo Malone Cologne in 'Peony and Blush Suede' - Jo Malone has unique fragrances and this was has to be one of my favorite perfumes. They're pretty pricey so I'd grab one on sale if you've been eyeing it. I like this smaller size to toss in my bag/travel

7. Perricone MD Mascara - I have tried A LOT of mascaras in my life and this is BY FAR THE BEST mascara, ever. It doesn't clump. It's light enough to use on my bottom lashes and it give me length/volume

8. Summer Friday's Amino Face Wash - This makeup remover and cleanser melts my makeup away with little effort (I don't wear A TON of makeup) and is great for your skin. It never leaves my face tight, or dry

9. KNC Eye Mask - These star eye patches are all natural and reduce puffiness and dark circles. I notice the difference immediately! I only use them when I am really puffy and want to look presentable, so five is plenty.

10. Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer - I've been using this for 6 joke. I don't use foundation because I don't think I need a full coverage product. It also has SPF 20. (My shade: Nude)

10.5 ILIA Skin Tint- I also really, really like this product! It's has slightly less coverage than the LM Tinted Moisturizer, but I love how it makes my skin look, and has Hyaluronic Acid and Niacinamide in it so it's actually good for my skin. I just finished my first bottle and I am purchasing it again for this sale. It has a dewy finish, so everyone may not like it. I use the Charolette Tilbury setting powder with it. (My shade: 8)

11. Peace Out Acne Pimple Patches - So I didn't know what to expect from these pimple patches, but OMG! I have used them on two different pimples and they worked SOO well! It reduced the pimple size overnight and made it less red. I used a second one the next night and it was dramatically reduced by morning. My husband gets bad acne on his back (sorry, Dave) and it worked so well for his as well! Definitely recommend these! I used it on brand new pimples, btw, not ones that were already there.

12. T3 Styling Wand - I have the 1" styling wand and it's a game changer. No effort to flawless loose waves every time. Hair doesn't get stuck in it, it heats up fast and waves last so long! I love, love, love mine. The base is sold separately from the wands (wands are interchangeable)

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