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Life Update + 10 Random Facts About Me

Hello and happy Friday! I have been so busy lately, I really haven't been on my phone much (not complaining) but the thing I love about being an influencer is being your go-to personal shopper! I love sharing fashion finds, beauty products I am loving and overall, just being a great source for your guys to come to! One thing that I want to get better about doing is getting on stories and sharing personal things with you guys because it is important to me to be as transparent and honest with you all as well. As a blogger, it is my first reaction to write a blog post...I wouldn't be a blogger without a blog, am I right? So, I will try to be better about hopping on stories, but this will always be my first place to come to vent and share!

With that being said, I wanted to talk about a little recent life update with you all and share some things you may not have known about me! I talked to you guys a few weeks ago about my husband getting a promotion in Boston, and that we would be moving to Massachusetts soon, well, we just signed a lease to an apartment in Quincy yesterday, and will be moving before March 31st! We currently live in Miami, Florida so it is a big change and move, so that's why I have been a little MIA lately.

We currently live in a 2/2.5 condo in Midtown, Miami, which we absolutely love, but we knew we would end up moving to New England, even if it's just for a short amount of time. My husband was born in Orlando and moved to Miami in middle school, so he has lived in Florida his entire life. I, on the other hand, have lived in three states, Massachusetts being one of them, so I have experienced change before. I was born in Miami, FL., but I lived in New England from the age of 10-20. I met my husband shortly after I moved back down and we would always visit New England. My husband just really fell in love with it, so his plan was to move up there to get a better feel for it year-round. I am really excited to be close to my family that lives up there and experience the change of seasons again!

10 Random Facts About Me:

1. I am the youngest of five children. My oldest sister is 54 and I am 33 (4 girls and 1 boy)

2. I am 2.5 years older than my husband. I asked him out on my 21st birthday and he said no, then asked me out a week later on Christmas Eve. He was 18

3. I am only 5 foot tall and am the same clothing size that I was since high school

4. I was a ballerina when I was younger and got offered to play in The Nutcracker but stopped shortly after (biggest regret)

5. My favorite food is chili with rice

6. I've thought about being a vegetarian several times and had serious meat aversions while pregnant

7. I'd rather dress like a tomboy than super girly, but I am fine with either or

8. My first job was in retail called The Weathervane. My second was at Hallmark and I got fired because I left during my shift (I had kidney stones)

9. I got my degree in Elementary Education but never did anything with it

10. I worked for an advertising company as a digital media director and content creator in Ft. Lauderdale before running my blog full-time and becoming a stay-at-home mom