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Let's Talk: Hair

Hello, girls! Long time, no talk! We have all been adjusting to more than one "new normal" over here, so I have spent a lot more time offline, and more time in the moment. Let's be honest, working from home and maintaining all those other aspects of life have not been the easiest lately, and giving ourselves that self-care we need may seem more difficult than ever. While quarantine has blessed us with a new way of thinking about the world we live in, it has definitely put a toll on our mental health. Taking care of ourselves can play a huge part in the decisions we make, our motivation, and over time, our lives. One thing I always try to do is take an hour out of my day and have some me-time. A walk, drawing, take photos, a mask, a bath, writing down things I'm grateful for; I just want to do something that makes me feel good, and I always try to change it up.

I think a lot of girls can relate that having their hair maintained can play a huge role on our mood. It's certainly not dire, but it I right? Sometimes, I like to do my hair and my makeup to get me going if I feel like I'm in a total rut and want to get into my pre-quarantaine routine again.

To be honest, I usually splurge when it comes to skin and hair products. I want something that is effective, and I find that spending money on products that don't work is worse than spending a little extra on quality products that show results and last.

some of my favorites...

I've been using Oribe products since I started Wynwood Hair Modeling down in Miami, FL about 4 years ago. My friend, Rachel, told me about the products since she worked for the company and I instantly fell in love! My favorite is the Dry Texturing Spray and their Gold Lust Shampoo and Conditioner. A little goes a long way, it smell luxurious, and my hair is always so smooth and shiny! I use the Dry Texturing Spray as a dry shampoo as well and it works so well.

I have been using T3 Micro Styling Tools for two+ years and I will not go back to my old styling products! I have naturally wavy hair, so I was just looking for something to tame them on day two of blow dried hair. I have the 1" barrel and it does everything I need it to! It heats up fast, easy to use, the waves last all day, and not to mention amazing quality and aesthetics. The base is sold separate from the styling attachments so you can interchange the styling tool. I found a bunch of their products on sale right now and wanted to share my favorites with you (linked below)!

"I find that spending money on products that don't work is worse than spending a little extra on quality products that show results and last."


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