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My New Skincare and Makeup Routine

1.Skin Tint // Super light skin tint leaves my skin looking even and dewy. I suggest using the setting powder with it, and make sure your serums + face product dry a little first, too

2.Setting Powder // This is my favorite product to set my makeup. It's amazing how well it works. I like the lightest one for under my eyes but right now I'm using medium

3.Eye Mask// These all natural eye patches are easy, effective, and super cute. I can immediately see the difference! Instantly reduces puffiness and the appearance of dark circles

4.Cleanser // I have been using Tatcha products for about a year now and my pores thank me every day! I like this cleanser because it takes my makeup off and is a cleanser. My skin feels so smooth afterwards *Also love Summer Friday's Amino Cleanser (Pictured Above) which is a super lightweight cleanser that removes makeup as well

5.CC Me Serum // I ran out of this product and I could immediately tell the difference in the evenness of my skin. It helps with hyperpigmentation and dark spots

6.Body Lotion // I have tried so many lotions and they all felt heavy and greasy. This is leaves my skin smooth and soft. A little goes a long way and I personally like fragrance free lotions better for my sensitive skin

7.Hydrating Glow Spray // This spray is so cool! It comes in two different shades (I have the Bronze) and it gives my skin a bronzy glow. I like to use it on my body (arms and legs) or on my face with no makeup or a spritz on top of my makeup for a mid day refresh

8. Highlighting Powder // (In first picture above) I love a simple instant glow and this highlighting powder by Chanel is it! I apply it with my finger instead of the brush for a precise application. I love the look it gives and a little goes a long way. Plus, it's super chic and compact

Order for Face:

1. Cleanser

2. Eye Mask

3. CC Me Serum

4. Skin Tint

5. Setting Powder

6. Bronzer (I use it as a contour powder only)

7. Blush. I like it on the bridge of my nose, too

8. Highlighting Powder. I use it on the bridge of my nose, cupid's bow, inner eyes, and cheekbones


10. Glow Setting Spray (Setting Spray)

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