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Let's face it, more times than not when you try out a new beauty product, you are wondering if it is even doing what is says it'll do on the label, and worth the money you spent on it. It can be overwhelming and expensive, honestly, but when it comes to self-care, I do spend a little more for quality. With that said, I have been using these products for awhile now, so I wanted to share my top 5 that I love, and will definitely be rebuying!

1. KNC Beauty Star Eye Mask// *Black Owned Business

I had heard so many great things about these eye masks so I was excited to try them because let's face it, mama needs a refresh around the eye area, and WOW! They feel amazing on (and look adorable), not sticky or messy, and you can instantly see and feel the difference in your eye area. It's like a quick fix before an event or somewhere where you want to look refreshed.

2. Summer Fridays Amino Gel Cleanser//

My husband actually had me buy him one because he loved it so much! It does everything I need and want it to, it's clean, fresh, and doesn't leave my face tight or dry. It's worth every penny.

3. Summer Friadys CC ME Serum//

Normally when I run out of a product, I just deal with it until I get it again, or I might move on and try something new, but not this product. I could instantly see a difference in the evenness and pigment of skin. It looked dull, red and blotchy. This serum is packed with everything it needs to brighten it up and make it look more even overall. I actually barely wear tinted moisturizer anymore because my skin looks so good.

4. Tatcha Dewy Skin Cream//

This cream leaves my skin super dewy and skin but never sticky. I love how it absorbs into my skin, making it a perfect skin prep moisturizer for every day before I do my makeup. My skin is so subtle and noticeably smoother in texture.

5. Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask//

I have been using this sleeping mask for 2 years now, and I couldn't imagine not having it. It says it is a sleeping mask, but I use it all day for super soft and plump lips. It is thick so a little goes a long way, making it last forever. I have vanilla, but there are a ton of other scents.