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So, let's talk about CBD! I have been looking for a line of CBD products that was organic, not too expensive, and derived with ingredients that really worked for me, so I was so excited when Leef Organics reached out to me to partner with them! They sent me over their Wild Crafted CBD Oil for skin, and Revive CBD Balm for sore muscles and joints to try, and I was so pleased with the results. Normally, products that I use to relieve sore muscles are really tingly and make my skin feel like its on fire - but not this product. It's stored as a solid, but once you put it on your skin, it just melts into an oil and doesn't tingle at all! I use it every day I workout and it's so soothing.

The CBD Oil has been my skin's new bff! I deal with bad eczema on my lower legs, and everything irrates them! I can't use anything scented, and to be honest, a lot of fragrance free and all natural products make it flare up as well. This skin oil has not only helped it clear up, but leaves my skin moisturized all day. I also use it on my face, neck and arms every night, and I wake up with such soft skin! I love it! It's ingredients help boost collagen and prevent free-radical fighters, so it has been part of my every day skincare routine!

If you'd like to try any of Leef Organics products on their site, then use my code LBRICE15OFF on their site (leeforganics.com) for 15% off, or you can just click this link and the discount will automatically be applied to your order: https://glnk.io/lp37/lbrice