right now:


1. Strict Workout Routine:

I have been really good about waking up, eating something, washing my face, and getting myself to the gym by around 10am. My husband watches the baby while I am at the gym, and then he goes to work shortly after I get back. Getting that hour or so in of gym time is not only good for me physically, but also mentally. I really find that an hour of me-time gives me a fresh start for the day.

2. Less Coffee:

I am a huge coffee lover, always have been, probably always will be...but I do want to lessen my caffeine intake, so I have been cutting down to one coffee (shot of espresso, or latte) to just once a day. I also started switching to matcha tea a few days a week instead of coffee, too. Either way, my intention is to have less caffeine a day.

3. Lists for the Week:

When I say lists, I mean for a couple of different things Whether it's on your phone or hand written, making lists increase your productivity because you have a clear vision of what needs to be done. My lists each week are for meals for that week (meal planning), lists for activities for my son (3 years old) to do, and lists for content planning, This makes it easier to have a to-do list for each day also.

4. Less Scrolling:

With so much time being at home, it is easy to get caught scrolling social media and letting time pass. Sometimes we have to be on our phones for work, but I want to spend less time with mindless scrolling, unless I am looking for inspiration. My time could be spent doing something way more productive.

5. Morning Routine:

I have always been really bad about sleeping in, not eating when I wake up, and overall, just not being productive first thing. You could say I'm NOT a morning person. My days feel so much more complete when my morning starts off right. This will look differently for everyone and doesn't have to be very extensive. My routine looks like this usually:

- Quick skincare routine: CC ME Serum, SPF + Tinted Moisturizer, lotion

- Glass of Water (with lemon if I have it)

- Shot of espresso or matcha

- Quick breakfast (usually toast and eggs, or oatmeal)

- Light Candles

- Check inbox (Mon-Fri)

- Workout done by 11

Your habits that make up your day, ultimately make up what your life consists of. Not every day has to be productive, and it is important to give yourself grace going into the new year, but having a routine seems to ease my mind and makes me more productive. There are many ways to set yourself up, and it will look differently for everyone. It is just important that you take some time for yourself each day, and really focus on what is important to YOU.