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Thinking about the environmental impact your wedding can have is one main reason couples decide to plan an eco-friendly wedding. The good news is that so many wedding companies, venues, and vendors are offering more eco-friendly wedding options than ever before. From farm to table food options to recycled paper invitations, you will not find a shortage of options when planning your eco-friendly wedding. If you’ve chosen to have an environmentally beneficial wedding, the following questions will guide you on your planning.

  • Can it be reused, recycled, repurposed, or resold after the wedding? Opt for reusable glass, chalkboard, or acrylic signage, and recycle materials from the garbage. You can also incorporate natural floral elements or buy used ones.

  • How does my choice affect the environment? Carbon emission is a major effect on human activities. So limit movement by shopping locally, holding weddings in one, and using alternative transport.

  • Is a more eco-friendly of this product/service available? For alternatives, adopt the dried flower 2022 wedding flower trends, wedding venues that support composting, recycling, etc.

  • How much waste will this choice produce? Keeping waste at the barest minimum, opt for digital invites or seed paper, bird seeds confetti, etc.


The thought of spontaneously running away with your boyfriend to get married just screams romantic to me and also, super easy! Weddings are about the love between two people, so you should never feel bad for wanting to elope (sorry, mom) but there were a lot of times that I looked at Dave and said, "Wanna go to Vegas?" haha

For those couples who have chosen to host an initiate elopement, you can celebrate in style afterward with a party or a celebration of marriage on your 1st wedding anniversary. If a party isn’t what you want, be honest with your family and friends so that they are involved in your plans. It is still your wedding day, you have just chosen to elope rather than enjoy a traditional celebration and that’s ok and most families and friends will support your decision.


I wouldn’t change my bridal party, but the stress can be overwhelming sometimes when making sure there is matching numbers and picking who will be MOH, Matron and what not. Wedding should have no rules, including no bridal parties.


Minimalist bridal makeup is the latest wedding trend to hit weddings. Brides want to look as natural as they can. The secret is to invest in good skin prep before the wedding. This leaves the skin ready and a makeup artist’s delight. For the brows, fill the sparse areas to give a natural depth to the face. The brows flatter the eyes and forehead, so it should get filled out. If a sun-kissed look is what you desire, have a little spray tan on. You could also hit light bronzer on the places where the sun rests like the forehead, nose tip, cheeks, and chin.


I had an evening wedding with 55 guests and it was honestly so special to me to have it more intimate. While some may be doing blowout events, others have come to embrace the micro-wedding. It is also a great opportunity to focus on detail if that's something that interests you.

Good For: Rustic, industrial-chic, country and whimsical wedding ceremony trends are intimate and cozy. These wedding styles are a blend of nature and modern, leaving an intimate vibe.


Dare to be different and join the latest wedding trends of ditching the classic white and ivory attire. Express yourself in alternative styles and colors of fall. One of the 2022 wedding trends I am loving is individuality. Many brides around the country are completely ignoring traditional wedding standards and making their rules, which is how your wedding should be.

2022 Wedding Dresses Trends

Today’s wedding themes are inspired by the past and powered by social themes. They also contrast components like simple and exotic or soft and strong.


Past wedding trends lean towards clean lines and simple designs. Puff sleeves are this year’s counter-response, embracing old-world style and plenty of romance. Act fast, though! Manufacturers and retailers are in short supply due to the overwhelming demand.


Bridal separates, commonly referred to as 2 piece wedding dresses, are picking up in popularity. New wedding reception trends like these allow the bride to transition their look from ceremony to reception with very little effort.


Corsets are both a historical fashion staple and a modern way to artistically sculpt your look. Today’s wedding dresses trends empower brides to wear corsets as the outer layer. The types of wedding themes that lean into female empowerment and high fashion will love it. I personally would change my dress to this style if I could change anything.